The 2020 Intricately Cloud Vertical Report: Y Combinator Companies

Explore the fastest-growing companies and greatest spend potential among Y Combinator (YC) companies in this cloud market report. This report leverages insights from the Intricately data platform with more than 150 points of presence on more than 23,000 distinct cloud products at more than 7 million businesses.

2020 y combinator yc vertical market report

What's inside?


Y Combinator (YC) is known across the startup world as the “Tier One Accelerator,” with over 2,000 startups funded since 2005 and a combined valuation of over $100 Billion.

Twice per year, YC invests money in a large number of startups, then works intensively with them for three months leading up to Demo Day. Their portfolio boasts ventures such as Airbnb, Stripe, Instacart, and Dropbox, and 102 of their companies have achieved valuations of over $150 million.

Leveraging Intricately’s data, this year’s report on the YC vertical answers the following questions and more:

  • Who are some of the fastest-growing customers in YC?
  • What is the cloud spend potential of the fastest-growing YC companies?
  • What is the cloud infrastructure usage by YC company class and vertical?

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