2021 Intricately Cloud Market Sustainability Impact Report

Cloud sellers that embrace sustainability initiatives are leveraging them to drive revenue growth while doing good. Intricately data can help align your cloud go-to-market strategy with the sustainability efforts today's consumers and investors are looking for.

2021 Cloud Sustainability Report

What's inside?


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The global shift to cloud computing has made a significant impact on sustainability - experts predict that cloud adoption by 2024 could prevent 1 Billion metric tons of CO2 emissions. In this report, we analyze Intricately cloud adoption, usage and spend data to uncover:

  • The growing adoption of data centers and the environmental impact of leading providers
  • The sustainability strategies and market share of leading cloud providers 
  • Businesses with growing cloud demand, sustainability commitments, and how to sell into them 

Read the report to align your cloud revenue growth strategy with a sustainability strategy that today's consumers and investors are looking for.


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Intricately monitors usage, spend, and adoption across cloud products and services, providing our customers with actionable insights in real-time. Leading companies selling in the Cloud like Amazon, Snowflake, and Cloudflare rely on Intricately to discover new prospects, increase revenue from existing customers, proactively address churn, and close business faster.