Intricately's 2021 Cloud Marketing Maturity Model

Assess the maturity of your cloud marketing program and unlock new revenue using Intricately's Cloud Marketing Maturity Model. Understand the proven impact of adopting a Next-Generation Account-Based Revenue Strategy and the steps you need to take to get there.

Cloud Maturity Study

What's inside?


This study applies a critical lens to traditional account-based marketing methods and defines a powerful new strategy for cloud marketing leaders that leverages cloud footprint data.

Cloud marketing and revenue leaders will learn:

  • What critical cloud data is missing from your current ABM approach

  • The maturity stage of your current marketing program, and what to do next

  • How to prove the value of your program and get buy-in from sales and executives

Research and analysis for this study was conducted by Mainstay, an independent consulting firm that has performed over 300 studies for leading information technology providers including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, and HP.

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Intricately monitors usage, spend, and adoption across cloud products and services, providing our customers with actionable insights in real-time. Leading companies selling in the Cloud like Amazon, Snowflake, and Cloudflare rely on Intricately to discover new prospects, increase revenue from existing customers, proactively address churn, and close business faster.