High Growth Buyers to Watch in 2022

Intricately's cloud computing buyers report reveals high-growth buyers to watch and how to capitalize on companies with high spend on cloud products and services. Read the report and unlock new cloud revenue.

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What's inside?


Explore high growth companies with big cloud spend potential

Intricately data gives cloud revenue leaders a view into the adoption, usage, and spend of all companies from startups to mid-market to enterprise. In this report, we examine how cloud sales and marketing teams can capitalize on their best opportunities.

Get insights into:

  • The state of the 2021 cloud hosting and Content Delivery Network (CDN) markets
  • Selected global companies to watch with the fastest growing cloud services demand
  • How cloud sellers can identify their best opportunities based on Spend Potential and grow revenue in 2022

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About Intricately

Intricately monitors usage, spend, and adoption across cloud products and services, providing our customers with actionable insights in real-time. Leading companies selling in the Cloud like Amazon, Snowflake, and Cloudflare rely on Intricately to discover new prospects, increase revenue from existing customers, proactively address churn, and close business faster.