2020 Intricately Cloud Security Report: DDoS & WAF

Get an inside view of how 10 million businesses are adopting DDoS and WAF solutions in 2020.

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What's inside?


Companies are spending more money on cloud security than ever before. But despite growing investments in security, unprotected application usage is at an all-time high. Only 22% of enterprise applications are equipped to guard against web-based attacks.

Want to find out why unprotected application usage is increasing and what trends are driving the growing need for cloud security products? The 2020 Intricately Cloud Security Report unpacks these trends and others surrounding the growth of application security.

Our report includes three information-packed chapters:

  • Cloud Security Trends
  • Top DDoS and WAF Providers
  • Cloud Security Buyer Demographics

In our report, we focus on two types of cloud security products responsible for protecting these applications: DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and WAF (Web Application Firewall). 


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