2020 Intricately Cloud Vertical Report: Gaming

      See how the gaming vertical is growing, shifting, and being disrupted by new companies, global trends, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Get insights on market opportunities for cloud sellers within the gaming vertical. This report leverages insights from the Intricately data platform with more than 150 points of presence on more than 23,000 distinct cloud products at more than 7 million businesses.

      In 2020, gaming industry revenue is predicted to reach almost $160 billion. The market is projected to surpass $200 billion in revenue – and 3 billion players worldwide – by 2023.

      As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every industry and economy across the world in 2020, cloud gaming and streaming platforms continue to drive gaming vertical growth.

      The 2020 Intricately State of the Gaming Vertical unpacks these trends and others surrounding the gaming vertical, including:

      • What are the fastest-growing gaming businesses spending on IT infrastructure?
      • What are gaming businesses spending on cloud infrastructure by region?
      • What geographies present the biggest revenue opportunities for vendors?