The 2019 Market Report: Data Center, Cloud & Applications

Get an inside view into how 10 million businesses are adopting, using, and spending on application hosting in Data Center, Cloud, and Hybrid configurations.

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What's inside?


The data center business is in the midst of a substantial transformation. Thanks to the affordability and accessibility of cloud computing infrastructure and SaaS products, any business today can deploy applications and software with a few clicks. 

Interested to find out how application deployment strategies are changing across data center, cloud, and hybrid environments?

Look no further. Our 2019 Data Center Market Report is here, and it’s packed with insights about the evolution of the global data center market (and where it’s headed). 

The report includes:

  • How fast is Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Cloud growing (if growing at all)?
  • What types of businesses use Hybrid Cloud deployments?
  • What Data Center providers are leading in market share?
  • What are the trends in 2019 and what's to come in 2020?

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