The 2019 Intricately Cloud Market Share Report

Get an inside view into how 7 million businesses are adopting, using, and spending on the top cloud hosting providers in our latest market overview report.


What's inside?


Virtually every organization relies on some form of cloud computing. But the growing demand for cloud services has also brought new challenges to cloud vendors.

The market for cloud products is increasingly saturated, and cloud vendors are facing growing competition, rising customer expectations, and shifting spending habits.

How are the top cloud providers performing? How much are businesses spending on cloud products around the world? How are those spending habits changing? How can IaaS and PaaS providers catch up to big players like AWS?

Download the Report to get a detailed view into:

  • Top Cloud Hosting Trends
  • Key Players in Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting Spend Detail
  • Enterprise Cloud Adoption and Usage 

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